Is Pool Hustling Illegal? (or Dangerous)

A lot of people enjoy a friendly (or competitive) wager when playing a number of sports or games. This is true for players of all abilities as it either adds an extra incentive or motivation during a game to increase competitiveness.  What happens though when the basis of the wager is made on uncertain terms? … Read more

How to Clean a Pool Table? (4 Step Guide)

A pool table is built to be sturdy. Just because the construction is solid though it doesn’t mean that all components are heavy-duty.  When it comes to pool table maintenance, there are multiple components that need to be cleaned differently in order to keep the table looking good but also in proper playing condition.  Therefore, … Read more

Is Pool a Sport or a Game? (Decided)

There is sometimes a fine line between what you’d consider a sport or what better fits the description of a game. Pool is something that fits into this category quite well and often divides opinion.  Serious players, especially those that would like to be considered athletes due to the practice they put in and skills … Read more

Do Pool Table Bumpers Go Bad & How Long Do They Last?

When playing pool, one of the first things you’ll be aware of – even as a beginner – is that the edges of the playing table are cushioned. These edges are known as the pool table bumpers.  These bumpers have rubber inserts located inside the table felt and allow pool balls to bounce off them … Read more