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Foosball Table Dimensions: What Is Regulation Size For A Foosball Table?

While Foosball is a fun activity that most kids enjoy – or family and friends for a leisurely activity – it’s also a serious game that can be played competitively and at a professional level. 

Because you can compete in Foosball, there needs to be a set standard in terms of table size and materials used. There are many different types of Foosball tables so if you are looking into buying one at home, you’ll want to consider the foosball table dimensions and what the regulation sizes are. 

Even if you don’t want a Foosball table that’s a regulation size, it’s important to know some of the typical dimensions to ensure it fits in your available space at home. Don’t worry, even if you’re short on space there are some options to enjoy Foosball anywhere…

Foosball Table Dimensions: What is the Regulation Size?

A regulation sized foosball table will measure 56 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 36 inches in height. 

While regulation size is typically for more seasoned players, they are available for home purchase as well to get the authentic experience. They are typically built for adult players. 

What Other Sizes Do Foosball Tables Come In?

Foosball tables are available in sizes other than regulation size, as regulation size requires a lot of space to be able to play. A regulation size table can be purchased for the home, as it’s suitable for adults who want the full experience. 

Standard Sizes For The Home

There are large foosball tables that stand on legs, just as a regulation size table does, but they are condensed a little bit so they are easier to fit in your home. 

They are typically a little shorter than regulation size, usually between 40 to 50 inches in length, and aren’t as high. This makes it much easier for younger people, as well as beginners, to play. 


There are also tabletop or coffee table sized foosball tables that can be quite large, but are more portable and come without legs. As their namesake suggests, these can be placed on a table to play with. They tend to be made of cheaper material so if children are rough with it, it’s not too much of a hassle to replace. 

A tabletop version is modeled similarly to regulation size tables, so you can get the authentic experience in a portable version. They are small enough that they travel well, so you can take it with you when you go to game nights or a weekend away. 

What Are Foosball Tables Made Out Of?

Most foosball tables are made with a mixture of real wood and mixed wood material. They are also painted and sometimes decorated with laminate in order to give them a sleek finish. 

The rods are usually made of either steel or wood, and the players can be made of various materials. Some of the players are hand painted, while others follow a very basic design.

What Should I Do To Prepare For A Foosball Table In My Home?

When you measure your space to determine if and where you can fit a foosball table, you want to ensure you’re taking into account the room that’s needed for the players to be able to use the rods without damaging anything. 

Having extra space to move around will ensure players can enjoy themselves without worrying about walls or property being in the way. 

Consider adding, at the very least, about 3 to 4 feet extra space above what is needed to fit your foosball table of choice into the room. Follow these guidelines if you’re purchasing a very large or regulation size table.

Once you have selected the foosball table you want, check to see which end the ball return is located at. It’s usually either at one of the sides or one of the ends. You will want to add some extra space in your measurements for this as well. 

What If I Want A Regulation Sized Foosball Table At Home?

A lot of people with the space and who want the challenge of playing on a professional table will opt for a regulation sized foosball table. It is definitely more difficult playing on a bigger table, which is worth it to those who are invested in foosball. 

However, you have to have a large room and a lot of space to fit a regulation sized table. It can also be really tricky to assemble if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

What Are Some Things I Should Know Before Buying A Foosball Table?

There are some signs to help you determine whether or not your investment in a foosball table is worth it. One of the signs of a good quality table is how deep the playing surface is. 

This is where your players will be situated on the rods, as well as the field they play on. 

The table having depth will help make playing the game much faster and easier. If there is some weight to the table, as well, it’ll stay put even when you get really into your match. 

How Can I Choose Between A Small Foosball Table And A Large Foosball Table?

There are some factors to consider when trying to choose which size table you want to purchase:

  • Smaller tables come at a lower cost than large tables
  • A tabletop version is portable while larger tables require a permanent space
  • Some larger tables aren’t suitable for children
  • The larger the table, the more of a challenge the game will be

Do People Play Foosball Professionally?

There are professional foosball players who participate in tournaments, and they are regulated by the International Table Soccer League. They are also responsible for determining the parameters for regulation size tables. 

That fact that Foosball can be played professionally is the main reason why there is a standardized and regulation sized table. This ensures that players can practice and compete under the same conditions, thus eliminating some variables or a potential unfair advantage. 

In Summary 

Foosball tables can come in many designs and sizes, though fortunately there are some standardized Foosball table dimensions which make it easier to choose a table to fit your home (or to practice for competitions on). 

The regulation size for a Foosball table is:

Height – 36 inches 
Length – 56 inches
Width – 30 inches

Smaller tables are available if you are short on space with tabletop Foosball dimensions being:

Height – 8 inches
Length – 32 inches
Width – 16 inches

You can also get full, regulation sized tabletop foosball tables for length and width but these are quite expensive. Outside of regulation sized foosball tables, the dimensions can vary wildly, especially when it comes to length and width. 

Therefore, it’s worth keeping in mind the regulation size dimensions when buying a foosball table as not all tables come with a standard size, especially if you are getting any x-in-one tables which allow you to play multiple table sports like air hockey, pool, or table tennis.